Designers Brighten a Turin Bistro With Palma Pendants

Designers Brighten a Turin Bistro With Palma Pendants

Italian firm Liquido Studio recently designed a new bake shop and bistro, Ogimomo, in Turin, creating a space that’s both contemporary and comfortable.

Flooded with sunlight, the café’s open layout flows easily from the pastry counter at the entrance to an indoor eating area to the outdoor patio.

Ogimomo’s strong geometric lines are balanced by an abundance of natural materials, including wood accents and seating and a terrazzo stone floor.

Picking up on that theme, the designers selected Vibia’s Palma by Antoni Arola for lighting. The fixture reimagines the classic globe lamp with two semicircles of blown opal glass joined by an aluminum strap, an organic design that recalls the shape of the earth with its slightly flattened form.

Vibia - The Edit - Valencia Vaqueta Gastro-mercat
Vibia The Edit - A Turin Bistro With Palma

The pastry counter features a Palma pendant arranged along a horizontal metal axis. Interspersed with greenery, it evokes a hanging garden that connects light and vegetation as in a natural landscape. The plant spills over the sides, establishing an earthy, relaxed attitude for entering guests while providing a warm glow of wraparound illumination.

In the main room, several Palma pendants are suspended vertically with double or solo globes, seeming to float mid-air like bubbles overhead. One is fitted with vegetation, which evokes an indoor garden and nods to the centerpieces on the tables. Their graphic colour scheme also echoes the floor’s black-and-white palette.