Designers Select Vibia Lighting for Elegant Puglia Hotel

Located in the picturesque countryside of Puglia, Italy, the award-winning Masseria Torrepietra hotel offers a mix of rustic charm and modern décor.

Local firm M + T Architetti designed the hotel, which is also used for weddings and events. They retained many of the 19th-century structure’s original materials, such as stone walls and arches and Italian tile adorning floors and bathrooms.

The interiors are streamlined and uncluttered, featuring contemporary furnishings and lighting by Vibia. In a large communal area with soaring ceilings the designers installed Arik Levy’s Wireflow pendant.

The minimalist fixture is a modern reimagining of the classic chandelier rendered in black electrical wire. Featuring a delicate profile in black cable, it draws the eye toward the dramatic vaulted ceiling. In the open, unadorned space, the restrained silhouette allows the timeless stone architecture to take prominence.

Another version of Levy’s fixture, Wireflow Free-Form, illuminates two walkways. In one, Free-Form features individual cables, each fitted with an LED, suspended from the ceiling in succession, like guideposts leading the way. The lean, industrial wire stands in striking material counterpoint to the stone around it.

The second Free-Form installation forms a geometric canopy over a vestibule. Multiple cables extend outward like a web along the pitched ceiling then angle sharply downward, forming a glowing row of light across the room. In the unfurnished space, the fixture doubles as avant-garde décor.

Vibia - The Edit - Statement Lighting Illuminates a Rotterdam Office Space

In a smaller sitting area, the designers deployed Wireflow Lineal. The two-dimensional luminaire features a personalised composition of wires suspended from a metal rod. Its pure arrangement of ethereal hexagonal shapes creates a graphic focal point in the restrained room.

Photography: Vito Covarsce
Architects: M+T Architetti