Eat & Speak: Alicante, Spain

Eat & Speak, a place to disconnect and talk together, enjoying a meal in an environment inspired by Mid-Century forms and contrasting metallic and natural finishes.


Vibia - Stories - Eat & Speak - Flamingo


Located in the center of Spanish coastal city Alicante, the project was engineered by Caliz Vazquez Arquitectos to provide a place to gather with a very distinctive atmosphere.

Adjacent to the large side windows the architects placed a bank of tables, designed to enjoy the natural light, and a central space in which to locate three tables, each illuminated by a signficant hanging lamp that embodies the spirit of the interior and creates an discernible idendity from the exterior.


Vibia - Stories - Eat & Speak - Flamingo


The Flamingo pendant lamp exudes an almost mysterious modernity that echoes mid-century design sensibilities and shapes. The enigma of the floating discs is grounded by beautifully finished gold hardware which contains a dimmable LED source.

Continuing the mission of joining people together, a large group table is designed where you can meet and talk, and even be thrown together with people you don’t know.


Vibia - Stories - Eat & Speak - Flamingo


Caliz Vazquez Arquitectos are a multi-disciplinary firm who aim to create spaces that improve your health and quality of life through home, business or workplace. They are based in Alicante, Spain and have used the Flamingo in other several projects to date.