Origami, folded light compositions

Walls provide the blank canvas for the creation of customised light sculptures with the ORIGAMI collection designed by Ramón Esteve for Vibia. The compositional possibilities are endless and only limited by the interior designer’s own imagination.

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Inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding from which it takes its name ORIGAMI is a faceted wall sconce that facilitates the free-form assembly of several pieces that work off a single connection point. Flexible and versatile the elements can be placed in such a way to draw attention to specific zones, creating a luminous sculptural feature that is both practical and poetic.



Lighting compositions that are ideally suited for commercial or residential applications where the lighting scheme and the architecture become one through the creative vision of the designer. The accompanying video illustrates just some of the ways that ORIGAMI can be harnessed in the making of wall-art.

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Each ORIGAMI fixture includes IP65-rated outdoor settings, controlled light distribution and LED technology (24V 16W) to provide energy efficiency and a high-lumen output.

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Ideal both for indoor & outdoor, the range of finishes includes matte white, matte oxide and green oxide lacquer, with ad-hoc polycarbonate diffuser.