Freedom of Expression: Rhythm’s Customisable Design

Designed by Arik Levy for Vibia, Rhythm evokes the mood of Zen minimalism. The fixture features a series of slender light modules that can be configured in myriad arrangements, from unfurling spirals and chaotic clusters to gentle waves. Displayed horizontally or vertically, Rhythm appears as a luminous light sculpture suspended in space.


Intended for “freedom of expression” as Levy explains, Rhythm’s unique rotation system allows each light stick to move along the axis and be positioned in any direction. With the help of Vibia’s software tool, designers and customers are able to devise personalised compositions of Rhythm that are tailor-made for particular spaces.


The software’s 3-D simulation reveals how the light modules look when they are joined together or placed at different angles. Whether fluid and flowing or angular and anarchic, Rhythm assumes an endless number of shapes and attitudes, representing the ultimate in customised lighting design.