Instagram Love: Rhythm

Break out of the mundane. Rhythm, designed by Arik Levy is a pendant lamp with a customizable design system that gives you freedom of expression to create dramatic, serene or sculptural essence.

See how these 5 designers captured the mood:


Zen Minimalism

A horizontal Rhythm pendant creates a balanced aura, complimented by two small vertical Rhythm pendants and a Puck wall art installation in a Monterrey home by MAS architecture and design studio.


Calming Ambiance

Nobo Architecture  proposes horizontal Rhythm in this conference room design concept. The peaceful waves and minimal aspect create atmosphere, enhancing rather than distracting from the overall design scheme.


Spiraling Sculpture

Lighting Designer Orly Avron Alkabes uses vertical Rhythm pendants to create wraithlike spirals, which reflect their silhouette off the material of the walls, capturing imaginations with eerie effect.


Dynamic Composition

Poised as if to take flight, this horizontal Rhythm styled by MAS uses clean lines and texture to sharpen the edges of this contemporary living space in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico.


Absence of Order

In a Tel Aviv penthouse, this defiant array of vertical Rhythm sticks follows neither pattern nor plan, creating drama and chaos within the otherwise predicable space.


Play the Light

Kamchi Lighting’s styling of Rhythm captures its essence: the orchestration of harmonies combined to produce rhythms, tones, melodies and nuances.


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