Brisa: Integrate Your Lighting With the Landscape

Inspired by the forest blue bell flower, Brisa is a Lievore, Altherr, Molina design for Vibia. True to its name, which means breeze in Spanish, Brisa’s silhouette is delicate and graceful. Its long, slender stem is topped with a hanging, conical shade that beautifully captures the bloom’s languid look.


The lamp’s simple architecture and distinctive bowed head lend it a quiet presence that accents an outdoor space rather than overpowering it.




During the day, its organic silhouette blends seamlessly into a landscape. Offered with one, three or five revolving and adjustable arms, it resembles a solitary plant or grouping of flowers in a natural setting.



At night, the LED-powered light source casts a warm, bright beam, making it ideal for focused illumination of gardens, patios, walkways and courtyards. The collection is available in a surface-mounted or built-in style, with a choice of matte lacquered khaki or lacquered oxide finishes.