Landscape integration: environmental harmony / lighting nature

As an intrinsic component of the outdoors landscape the ‘Landscape integration’ category of external light fittings integrate naturally with outdoor spaces, illuminating them in a contemporary way.

Along with the natural vegetation together and the garden paths, parks and courtyards these light fittings, whose designs are inspired by nature, perfectly compliment their environments.

The outdoors lantern BREAK, designed by Xuclà & Alemany, evokes a minimal aesthetic of rocks with an organic language which is also architectonic. Its light is projected downwards to the ground making it ideal for areas of access and entrances.


 BREAK adaptada


BAMBOO, by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez, is a light fitting which integrates different focal points of LED light, illuminating its setting without saturating it, featuring slender lines that recall the eponymous bamboo plant. A light which discreetly merges with its surrounding landscape.

BAMBU adaptada


PALO ALTO, also designed by Xuclà, recreates the variety and diversity of tree branches available in lamp standard, lantern and pergola versions, featuring a very unique lighting design language. Thanks to its LED technology the system provides an overhead aerial light source for lighting paths and other outdoor spaces.


Another example of ‘Landscape integration’ is the BRISA light fitting collection, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. The stylised silhouette appears inspired by the wild forest bellflower providing an intense and warm light using LEDs which can accentuate specific external areas that require higher levels of luminance.




 ‘Landscape integration’ provides a balance and harmony between design, lighting and outdoor spaces.