Centric, Lighting around and about the centre

Designed by Ramos and Bassols for Vibia the Centric collection of wall and ceiling lights is defined by its radial pattern concentric rings that reflect the light from a LED source located both at the centre and around the periphery of the fitting.


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Both versions of the lamp, sconce and ceiling are available in symmetrical and asymmetrical versions which use the reflective qualities of the rings that contrast either the cylindrical geometry or slanted sectional cut of the rings to provide different lighting effects, depending on the model.




The diffused direct LED light from the centre is also contrasted with the reflected light from the inner surface around the rings.



“The intention was to make a hole with light finished with an outer ring that would draw attention to the central light source of the focal light,” explain the designers.




A blue filter is also available for the outer ring of the wall sconce that gives customers the choice of a cold or warmer tone lighting effect. Centric is available in two colour options, matt lacquered cream or matt lacquered white.




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