The winter season tends to be a time when our living spaces take on a different life as we become more reliant on artificial light to illuminate our family and social gatherings, day-to-day activities and our precious solitary moments.

Achieving the right lighting environment for this communal area that is the living room is greatly enhanced by choosing the right light fitting. Vibia provides a range of options that combine design excellence, technical performance and that quality which, above all others, is key to the living room, warmth.

Wireflow is a contemporary sculptural design icon, whose classic and avant-garde geometry is an expression of its time and yet timeless.



Rhythym is a pendant lamp that combines minimalism and movement like no other luminary to create sublime sensations: from soft waves to chaotic shapes and forms of light.



Suite is the ideal light fitting for those laid back and relaxed moments predicated on its fresh take on and reinterpretation of the traditional side table and shelf with table top lamp.



Warm references a well loved lighting typology in a contemporary manner, simplicity that invites relaxation.



Swing, provides a warm light as well as a very comfortable use, thanks to a double joint system that allows a wide range of movement. It is available as floor, table or wall-mounted lamp.