Living the night in the outdoors with Vibia

With the arrival of the good weather, outdoor spaces become the backdrops of our lives where the interplay between light and people creates the perfect atmosphere to make for a complete, intense and unique experience.




The JUNE outdoor lighting collection is inspired by joyful summer encounters during its festivals and can be adapted to any sort of en¬vironment, providing solutions to task lighting in the garden and warmer lighting ambiences for the outdoors.

JUNE can be supported off walls, trees or any other vertical surface, featuring either a garland of lights or a table top lamp. Latest generation LED light sources exquisitely applied that provide a warm and comfortable illumination.




With the Furniture meets light concept, VIBIA transforms the way in which light is combined with furniture and compliments exterior spaces such as gardens and terraces. Sculptural and functional pieces that, when night falls, come alive thanks to their design, technology and multi-functionality.

Designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal the MERIDIANO collection plays with form and shadow in order to create a surprising lighting effect.




By day its lighting aspect is hidden and the fitting takes the form of a stool or a side table lending an original feature to the décor of gardens, courtyards and swimming pool patios. By night this collection takes on a different appearance through its LED light source hidden underneath its surface.

In visual terms, its organic shape and the choice of finishes (in off-white, green and khaki) make it compatible with contemporary garden furniture. The tubular steel rod structure arranged in a circular configuration casts radial light patterns.

The even, discreet and warm light provided by MERIDIANO defines a space that invites rest, conversation and sharing intimacies within a laid back ambience.




EMPTY is another collection that brings together light functionality and furniture. Designed by Xuclà its rational structure and architectonic language are combined in a sophisticated manner for outdoor spaces both for green and urban settings.

EMPTY achieves this complete spatial integration thanks to its simple straight lines, acting as either auxiliary table or stool while providing moments of pause and relaxation.




Through its use of LED light sources located in a non-visible internal part of its structure EMPTY becomes a beacon that provides a warm indirect lighting effect and point source for outdoors areas.

Through its suggestive lighting EMPTY creates a space of peace and quiet that transforms the setting sun into a remarkable visual spectacle of illuminated planes that define space.