Make A Design Statement With Dazzling Chandeliers

Dramatic lighting is one of best ways to make a design statement, and chandeliers—with their substantial size and striking silhouettes—are ideally suited to the task. Whether creating an eye-catching focal point or filling a soaring space, they command an interior. We’ve selected some of our favourite Vibia chandeliers, each a one-of-a-kind creation that can be individually customised to suit any style or space.




Arik Levy’s bespoke Wireflow represents a bold reimagining of the traditional chandelier. Distilled to its essential elements, the three-dimensional fixture traces an airy architectural silhouette with slender black cables and pressed-glass LED light points. Unfolding in intricate architectural tiers, Wireflow evokes a futuristic feel while nodding to its classical inspiration.







Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, Match is a riotous symphony of customizable metal rods tipped with LEDs. Jagged webs of wire lend it the look of avant-garde sculpture, its angular sticks directed downward in a dramatic, glowing focal point.







An Arik Levy creation, Rhythm features a series of light modules that can be positioned along the central axis in an infinite array of spatial arrangements, from unfurling spirals and chaotic clusters to soft waves. At once rational and disruptive, its dynamic design takes central stage in any space.


Vibia - Chandeliers - Rhythm





Toan Nguyen’s stunning Algorithm resembles a constellation of illuminated drops that appear to float in space. Anchored to the ceiling from a tubular steel lattice that enhances its visual impact, the shimmering spheres of hand-blown glass can be customised in endless configurations. Featuring a striking geometric feel, each unique grouping of globes creates an ethereal focal point that defines an area.