Making of Algorithm

When a designer launches a finished product there is always a sense of expectation, how will the public react to his or her creation? In the case of Algorithm the designer Toan Nguyen has come up with a kit of parts that provides the individual architect, interior or lighting designer the experience of creating something unique, Algorithm is a bespoke lighting system that can compliment and adapt perfectly to any space or project.


Toan Nguyen during the making of Algorithm


All elements of the Algorithm lighting installation are beautifully resolved, industrial design meets craft sensibility. From the blown glass diffusers with their striated pattern that augments the interior LED source to the tubular metal support structure that accommodates the suspension cables, even the hanging rods and cables express the very essence of functionality and paired-back essence.

Sketches of the Algorithm collection by Toan Nguyen

Toan Nguyen visiting the Vibia factory


These individual parts constitute the kit of tools that designers can mould and adapt to individual commissions, a system of multiple modules that allows the specifics of each project to dictate the optimum lighting solution. A feature fitting which designer Toan Nguyen describes as a light surface, the LED source allows for a highly controlled level of intensity which can be modelled virtually online via the Vibia website.