A modern, youthful look for the new offices of La Parisienne Assurances



At 186 years of age, La Parisienne Assurances, France’s oldest insurance company, claims to be more attractive, more modern and younger than ever. Desiring a new office space to suit their youthful demeanor, La Parisienne  approached Studio Razavi Architecture of Paris and New York with a proposal for a new office space spanning an entire floor.





A very specific brief entailed an open space full of natural light to create a “peaceful, see-through & fresh” space that would not only respond to contemporary work practices but also allow for “unexpected team interactions”.

The focus was to create a variety of work nodes that would allow teams different setups specifically tailored to their procedures (at times highly confidential) as an insurance company. Around some of the more clandestine meeting areas and other specific use spaces are generous felt covered surfaces to provide an acoustically efficient environment.




Opting for materials not commonly thought of for work spaces and trying to use them sensibly to establish a core identity, the studio combined wood, carpet & glass partitions. Pine was the wood of choice, “because of its imperfections”. The designers also introduced Wireflow, an industrial black wire based fixture with the freedom to scale the walls and the ceiling, culminating in cast aluminum and pressed glass LED terminals.





Flowing throughout the floorplan, the light installation joins areas otherwise partitioned off to complete the feeling of connection and openness between the different departments.





The canopy can be positioned on the ceiling or wall allowing Studio Razavi to create completely unique and custom designs. Wireflow’s clean, minimal lines complimented the overall design of the space, mirroring the playful shapes cast by a mural of the Parisian skyline.