Must-See Summer Art Exhibits: Designer Picks

Summertime typically means plenty of downtime and a chance to catch up on your favourite leisure pursuits. For creative types, this often involves visits to art and cultural events around the world. We asked a few of our in-the-know design friends to share the exhibits on their must-see list this summer.


After a decade focusing on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability projects, architect Luca Donazzolo founded his own firm, LDA, based in Trento, Italy. His wide-ranging work includes commercial, residential, and public buildings.


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits - Luca DonazzoloLuca Donazzolo


Donazzolo’s summer art shows will include the Venice Biennale, specifically the Arsenale, Giardini, and Lithuanian pavilions. While in Venice he will also visit Baselitz – Academy, a retrospective of works by George Baselitz at the Galleria dell’Accademia.


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits - Biennale © Foto de la Biennale


Snuper Design Concept is a Taiwan-based architecture and interior design firm dedicated to recreating nature in urban life. Its projects aim to integrate Taiwanese culture with contemporary, international trends.


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits - Lin Cheng WeiLin, Cheng Wei


Lin, Cheng Wei —Design Director— plans to visit the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. There he will see “Awazu Kiyoshi: What Design Can Do,” an exhibit that examines the work of the groundbreaking artist and graphic designer.


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits -Kanazawa


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits - J.D. Martinez JofreJuan David Martínez Jofre


Based in Spain’s Balearic Islands, Minimal Studio is a multidisciplinary studio specializing in architecture, interior design, modular housing, as well as furniture design. Juan David Martínez Jofre —Project Manager— cites two must-see London museums: The Serpentine Gallery and Serpentine Pavilion as well as the Design Museum, both known for contemporary art.


Vibia - Stories - Summer Exhibits - Serpentine Pavilion