Q&A With Ichiro Iwasaki

The principal of his eponymous Tokyo design studio, Ichiro Iwasaki creates products ranging from household goods and electronics to furniture and lighting for international clients. Iwasaki is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Red Dot and iF design awards, and created the Pin Lighting collection for Vibia.


Q. If you had to choose your favorite material to work with, what would it be?

A. Glass

Q. Something that is never missing in your fridge?

A. Water

Q. What is the moment you most enjoy in the design process?

A. At the very beginning of the design process.

Q. One famous person that you’d like to spend one day with?

A. Leonardo da Vinci.

Q. Is there any activity in your free time that provides a great source of inspiration for your work?

A. Conversations with my friends whom I trust.

Q. What was the most touching experience in your life?

A. Birth of life.

Q. What is your must-read book?

A. A Japanese book ” Ki ni manabe ” means “Learn from wood”, written by Tsunekazu Nishioka one of the most honored carpenters specializing in building Japanese temple.

Q. What are your best quality and your biggest flaw?

A. Realistic optimist.