Skylights, Stimuli and Perception

The VIBIA Skylights collection introduces optimum emotional and environmental well being to spaces.



When we set out to design the lighting layout for spaces we should be able to adapt the lighting scheme to the required programme and the users who will inhabit those spaces, to the people who ‘live’ and ‘feel’ them.

The SKYLIGHTS collection of fittings by Vibia which includes Big, Plus, Up and Link XXL generates a comfortable diffuse light, perfectly attuned to the people and the tasks to be undertaken there, as well as providing positive stimuli.

The Vibia SKYLIGHTS collection is specifically designed for spaces where access to natural light sources is either compromised or non-existent, their configuration can be adapted until a natural lighting affect is achieved.



In areas where they can be combined with natural daylight apertures they form a complimentary mimetic dialogue that improves the architectural quality of those interior spaces.




When the project requires additional illumination the arrangement and the shape of the light fittings can be adapted to provide the necessary photometric levels, adapting to each space. The intensity can be regulated which allows users to create different ambiences and settings.




The collections’ wide range of designs and formats makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, both large and small scale, adapting to high ceilings and darker backgrounds as well as smaller more homogenous layouts.




When designing the lighting for architectural spaces the perceptions awoken there become the underlying starting point to produce a positive user experience in the day-to-day lived context. The Skylights collection offers a variety of possibilities to meet this challenge.