The making of MAYFAIR

Creating a cutting edge collection of lamps with a minimum of superfluous design was the guiding concept behind MAYFAIR whose author Diego Fortunato looked to the classic billiard style lamp for inspiration. The collection includes hanging, floor and table lamp versions, reinterpretations of the elegant and timeless lamp shade that was traditionally used to illuminate 18th Century games rooms and lounges.



The latest generation of LED lighting is incorporated within MAYFAIR, equipped with two layers of lighting, one providing a perfectly even illumination reflected off the inside surface of the conical shade and the other a warmer indirect up-light.




MAYFAIR can be configured as either a radial composition as a hanging lamp or as a single shade as well as the floor and table versions.




This neutral design approach is complemented by a range of matt and gloss finishes that together with the LED light source provide a contemporary expression for the lamp. MAYFAIR is an ideal accessory for residential, contract or public spaces where simplicity and functional design are valued.