The Palma Wall Lamp: Bringing the Outdoors In

Designed by Antoni Arola, Palma was inspired by ancient hanging gardens and the concept of connecting light and vegetation as in a natural landscape. A recipient of the 2018 German Design Award, Palma reimagines the classical globe with two semi-circles of blown opal glass joined by an aluminum strap.


Vibia Stories Palma-Wall 13


This innovative wall lamp is available in vertical and horizontal orientations and comes with a choice of one, two or three spheres for large-scale installations. Pure and elemental, Palma’s subtly flattened form recalls the shape of the earth with an organic design that accommodates greenery along its axis.




Multiple Palma wall lamps and plantings can be combined in an array of compositions. Ideal for public spaces, the suspended configurations create the effect of floating in mid-air as it spans a broad stretch of wall or climbs upward towards the ceiling.


Vibia Stories Palma Wall-3718_apl_amb


Offered in matte graphite or white lacquer finishes, the dimmable, LED fixture provides wraparound illumination and casts a warm glow.