Trend report: Milan Design Week 2017

As expected, Milan Design Week 2017 was packed with inspiration. Throughout the 6 days, the Salone Del Mobile and various design districts across the city delivered exciting news, exhibitions, interesting talks from the world’s top designers and the latest trends from across the interior design world. This year, I was extremely excited to be part of the action and experience the latest news from Vibia as well as other leading design brands first hand.

From beautifully crafted furniture made from honest materials to dusty pink accents and bringing nature indoors, here’s my round-up of the latest 2017 interior design trends from Milan Design Week:


  • Natural textures: the design world is turning to natural materials such as linen, leather, wood, stone and wool to create beautifully handcrafted furniture designed to stand the test of time.




  • Bringing the outdoors in: whether in the form of a simple plant or a lush urban jungle, bringing plant life indoors in new and exciting ways was notable across the fair.




  • Greige: somewhere on the spectrum between grey and beige, this soft, calm shade is set to take top place in this year’s wall colour charts (and it goes perfectly with 2017’s dusty pink and khaki accents too).




  • Dusty pink accent: this softer than soft tone is the perfect way to bring a touch of femininity to a space. Think poufs, cushions, lamps and walls in subtle, earthy shades of rose, this accent is everywhere this year.




  •  Old school, new style: everywhere you look designers are turning to time-honoured, traditional pieces for inspiration. Think industrial warehouse style furniture and old school chairs with an ergonomic upgrade, beautiful finish and the latest technology.




  • Frayed edges: Gone are the clean edges on throws and rugs, this year it’s all about rough fraying which emulates time-honoured crafts and traditional, handmade feel.




  • Metallic: It’s difficult to say if brass or chrome is the preferred finish, if pushed, I’d put my money on brass. But best of all, is the beautiful juxtaposition of metallic with other metallic or materials such as glass or wood for a truly stand-out piece.




  • Florals: forget dainty floral patterns, this year it’s all about going bold. Make a statement with large-scale floral wallpaper or bold prints and bring the cheerful spring and summer vibes indoors.




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By Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home blog

Instagram: @myscandinavianhome