Array illuminates Darc awards

The darc awards recognised Array under the Decorative Kit category during a ceremony held at fabric London last March 27th for the 2023 edition. The collection designed by Umut Yamac together with Vibia was selected by fellow lighting professionals in a peer-to-peer voting system. Darc, the Decorative Lighting in Architecture magazine received more than 370 entry submissions and 11,000 votes were cast.

Vibia The Edit - Array. Enveloping light

Array plays on sensations of volume and light. A technical thread is stretched between metal rings held apart in space that capture the light washed from below. The LED source is hidden within the lower ring and throws a suggestive illumination upwards.

Vibia The Edit - An Array of Applications
Vibia The Edit - Array illuminates Darc awards

There are three different size models, the tallest of which measures 2 metres in height and 124 cm in diameter. The threads come in earthy red, calming green and neutral beige wound around a matte aluminium structure.

Vibia The Edit - A working day with Umut Yamac

The combination of conical and tubular forms lends the collection a distinctive sculptural quality. The rhythm of the ethereal luminous threads creates a ghostly presence suspended mid-air.

Vibia The Edit - Array illuminates Darc awards
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