Vibia for Foodies: A whistle stop tour through the world’s restaurants with great lighting

“Going out is the new staying in”, all around the world our interest in food and healthy eating is a well established phenomenon; street food, Michelin star restaurants, coffee shops whatever the occasion there’s an increasingly varied choice of venue. Of course in reality going out to eat is only really partly to do with the food itself. The thing that makes going out so unique, so special is the experience itself. Sharing time with friends, or family, a prospective lover, a group of work colleagues – whatever the situation, it’s more memorable over food.


Vibia for foodies - Highlight


When we do go out we expect the experience to be out of the ordinary, otherwise we would just stay in and cook for ourselves. Service and design are two key ingredients, when creating an appropriate ambience lighting of course is crucial to mood. Vibia invite you to come with us on a whirlwind tour through some of the world’s most cozy restaurant interiors; Breakfast or a late Brunch at the Schiller Brasserie in Zurich presided over by SLIM (Jordi Vilardell) its elegant silhouette is the perfect condiment for their Goethe Club Sandwich, served with chips and free range eggs ;




Lunch at the Masseria Guida, Ercolano at the foot of Vesuvius where the Buckwheat Gnocchi and fresh baby Cuttlefish roasted in its own ink is renowned, accompanied by the delicate beauty of WIREFLOW 3D (Arik Levy);




A detour to Vienna’s Risotto Box where the Nerotomato Risotto served with black beans and sun-dried tomatoes is washed down by FLAMINGO (Antoni Arola) floating serenely over head;




or for lovers of Northern fare the Torsgatan 21 restaurant in Stockholm, where the Harissakryddad Cod and roasted tubers, watercress salad and hummus is complimented by the sculptural MATCH (Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal).



Just time for some tapas, Marinated Olives in citrus, Russian salad and Cantabrian anchovy at Barcelona’s Vermuterie under the WIREFLOW CHANDELIERS (Arik Levy), creating a light frame for memorable encounters.



Finally, at sunset, it’s got to be San Francisco’s Sessions and its house special, Market oysters with gueuze mignonette surrounded by its warm clapperboard cladding and jewel like WIREFLOW FREEFORM (Arik Levy) dropping from above lighting intimate conversations and romantic encounters.



Bon appétit!


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