Vibia + Gandia Blasco: Outlaws of Design

We partnered up with Gandia Blasco, a furniture showroom in SoHo, to showcase their products for Outlaws of Design. This design themed speakeasy provided guests with smooth Jazz music, performed by The Bailsmen, libations disguised in brown paper bags, and a night of mingling with New York City designers and architects.




The Gandia Blasco Showroom, located on Greene Street in SoHo, offers outdoor furnishings and exquisite hand-woven rugs, as well as our most iconic collections.



The WIREFLOW hung above the bar, illustrating bold and eloquent design that can be a statement piece for an entire room.



Three PLIS Outdoor floor lamps were installed throughout the space emulating the outdoors brought inside.



The MAYFAIR table lamp made an appearance as well. This piece, inspired by an antique bank lamp, perfectly fit the theme, and is part of our “evolving tradition” design concept.



The dark green shade complemented the outdoor décor and added a vibrant pop of color.