Vibia Introduces New Chromatica Toolkit

Last year, Vibia introduced an innovative colour concept called Chromatica. Created to serve as an inspirational and practical tool for designers and architects, the cutting-edge system features a palette of 23 hues—including darks, vibrants, neutrals, and lights.

To further facilitate this new world of colour and materiality, Vibia is unveiling an additional component of Chromatica: A physical kit is now available to help professionals explore the palette’s endless possibilities and make timeless visual impressions.

The sample kit includes a bound collection of eight swatches displaying the entire Chromatica range grouped by tone—Basic, Grey, Beige, Brown, Terra, Blue Green, and Ocre.

Vibia The Edit - New Chromatica Colour Toolkit

Designers can keep the kit on hand for ongoing inspiration or use it on project sites, facilitating colour selection in specific environments.

To request your Chromatica sample toolkit, please click here.

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