Vibia luminaires enhance haute couture seaside residence

Vibia luminaires enhance haute couture seaside residence

Bathed in outstanding natural light, this minimalist coastal residence unites beauty and functionality in perfect asymmetry. Copper House, by Susanna Cots Interior Design, seeks to capture the essence of nature, yielding to its surroundings through a play of subtle textures, earth tones and essential materials.

Vibia The Edit - Enhancing haute couture seaside residence - Dots

An invitation to explore the senses, ceiling to floor windows expand the Copper House interior, uniting it with the exterior in a seemingly limitless integration. A predominant white brings silence to a sophisticated dialogue between leather details, wooden surfaces and copper finishings. The warm copper hues fill every corner with meaning, imbuing a sense of security, intimacy and an understated elegance.

Vibia The Edit - Enhancing haute couture seaside residence - Dots

A desk table to match the kitchen bar; lined kitchen stools that complement the skin of the drawers; a faucet that nods to the lamps. For Susanna Cots, the design is in the detail. With their clean lines and geometric simplicity, Cots selects Vibia luminaires for the kitchen and bedroom areas; an instinctive extension to an understated aesthetic.

The Skan Pendant is a timeless design by Lievore, Altherr and Molina. Sleek and unadorned, it combines lean lines with a soothing purity of form, adding a minimalist sensibility to any space.

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For the Copper House kitchen, a set of three Terra Red luminaires hang delicately from the ceiling, illuminating the length of the bar with a broad downlight that brings warmth and wellbeing to the heart of this seaside home.

For the upper floors, Cots integrates the wisdom of nature through the integrity of oak. A space for reflection and respect for one’s own rhythm, a large full suite bedroom boasts a fireplace, small desk and copper-finished bathroom.

The designer selects Vibia’s Dots collection by Martín Azúa for the bedside reading lights.

Vibia The Edit - Enhancing haute couture seaside residence - Dots

Compact, circular and lacquered in the signature Terra Red, these organic halos can be turned to trace a cone-shaped beam precisely as desired, connecting the space with an ambient light that softly refracts off the dense oak of the headboard.

– Interior Designer: Susanna Cots
– Photography: Mauricio Fuertes

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