Vibia Presents: Iconic Floor Lights

Outstanding performance and pure beauty come together in Vibia’s floor lamps to create unique atmospheres, flawlessly adapting to any lighting needs and spaces. From eye-catching reading lamps to customizable luminaires to accent a forgotten corner, here is a selection of some of our most iconic collections, which bathe the surrounding space with a sense of wellbeing.

Vibia The Edit - Six reading lights for a long hot summer - North

A study in geometry and graphic, the Flat collection by Ichiro Iwasaki draws horizontal planes of light evoking concentric circles aloft. The Japanese designer remains faithful to his minimalist language with a sculptural design featuring distinctive, disc-shaped diffusers growing from a slender stem whilst exuding a Zen sensibility.

Vibia The Edit - The story behind Flat collection

Creating islands of light in a wide array of spaces, the Flat floor lamp presents two different sizes, with a single or double metal plan –either a compact disc or a shelf-like plate that doubles as a side table for placing your favorite book or a glass of fresh wine. Endlessly versatile, these luminaries cast an enveloping, ambient glow and allow the user to sculpt light as desired.

Vibia The Edit - Atmospheres designed for winter wellbeing - Flat
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Flat

Disrupting the interconnections between technology, space and furniture. This is the raison d’être of Arik Levy’s Sticks, a creative toolkit that enables multiple custom configurations breaking the architectural boundaries and integrating light elements in an interior.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Sticks

Pure and graphic, Sticks’ three aluminium rods perform as an ultra-minimalist artwork. Both free-standing and floor-to-wall iterations are ideal to convert corners and dark nooks into a suggestive light scene, generating a halo of ambient or indirect light depending on the rod rotation and harmoniously connecting two planes in the same room.

Vibia The Edit - Stories Behind: The Sticks Collection
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Sticks

Another work of Arik Levy, the North floor lamp is defined by a dynamic, deconstructed silhouette. Sleek yet functional, a LED-powered conical aluminium shade hangs from the tip of a slender carbon fibre rod, exuding an ethereal magnetism without visually complicating the space.

Vibia - Stories - Story Behind North Pendant_2

Ideal for public and commercial spaces, North reaches out into the room to provide focused, uniform lighting precisely where needed whilst promising maximum versatility and understated elegance.

Vibia The Edit - Six reading lights for a long hot summer - North
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - North

Designed by Diego Fortunato, the Mayfair collection brings a contemporary look to the classic 19th-century French bouillotte lamp by incorporating state-of-the-art materials, a vibrant color palette and high-performance lighting capabilities.

The Edit - Vibia Lighting Brightens Bedrooms - Mayfair

Timeless form and grace aesthetic, Mayfair emanates a soft, ambient light, welcoming the user with comfort and becoming a permanent feature in a residential environment.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Mayfair
Vibia The Edit - Transitioning to life outside - Mayfair

Ichiro Iwasaki devoted himself to exploring wellbeing and continuity through light as “a lot of people still cherish the comfort of life as it has always been”.

Vibia The Edit - Private Mediterranean villa - Pin

The offspring of his aspiration is the Pin collection, defined by a playful yet delicate silhouette, combining lean lines with bold circular volumes whilst doubling as décor.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Pin
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Floor Lights - Pin

Available in four different colors, these LED-powered luminaries project a precise lighting effect where desired by only rotating the diffuser.

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