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Vibia’s Lighting Solutions section aims to educate and inform. An internal help center, this category is full of answers and practical tips on a range of topics, from lighting products and design software to inspired decoration and unique design ideas. It’s The Edit’s go-to project resource for design, personalization, technology, installation and more.

The New Era of Lighting: Introducing Plusminus

Designed by Stefan Diez, Plusminus is a groundbreaking new lighting system that gives material body to invisible electric currents, allowing light to be sculpted into whatever shape you desire.At the heart of the Plusminus …

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Vibia Brightens Pool Areas

Anyone lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their garden or to have stayed at a hotel with a pool will appreciate the luxurious relaxation offered by water. Perhaps it’s because water is ...

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Play With… Origami

Designed by Ramón Esteve for Vibia, Origami is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding paper. The luminaire represents an avant-garde reimagining of the sconce with architectural cubes that transform a blank ...

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Play With… Wireflow

Vibia’s Wireflow collection by Arik Levy represents a modern reimagining of the classic chandelier. Crafted of fine black electrical cables and finished with LED light terminals, the fixtures are a study in contrasts: ...

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Vibia Presents: Iconic Chandeliers

Distinguished by their distinctive arms, chandeliers brighten spaces with beautiful overhead light while doubling as design statements. Vibia is known for its many iconic chandeliers that offer myriad lighting effects in one-of-kind silhouettes. Here, ...

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