Algorithm, Bespoke lighting on an intimate scale

Lighting is a functional and formal statement, whether for large scale installations or intimate spaces where first impressions or daily familiarity is a consideration. Jewel like retail spaces, or cherished corners of the home like the dining table or over a favourite piece of art.




Algorithm is a customisable lighting system, a kit of parts that gives interior designers and architects the opportunity to work with projects in order to optimise even the smallest and most intimate of spaces.




A lighting system that is differentiated by virtue of the fact that each of its component parts represents excellence in design. The blown glass spheres with their striated pattern for optimum light diffusion, the metal matrix supporting structure, the black cables and metal rods, each a polished crafted artefact.




A well resolved lighting solution that is both sculptural and practical provides a focal point and object of delight. Endless configurations are made possible by the elemental nature of Algorithm, a unique approach to lighting which can be customized on the Vibia website. No installation is too small, the beauty of Algorithm resides in its appreciation of detail.




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