Designers Select Vibia Lighting for a Vibrant Tuscan Restaurant

Located on the western coast of Tuscany, Amedeo restaurant in Livorno, Italy, is the bold brainchild of Modo Architecture + Design Studio. The interior is a combination of vibrant colors and striking décor, where yellow leather banquettes and tangerine chairs co-exist with cheeky neon signs and bright-red banana plants.

Vibia The Edit - A Vibrant Tuscan Restaurant - Palma Flamingo

Lighting by Vibia serves as a restrained counterpoint to the daring design, while reinforcing the restaurant’s organic motifs.

In the dining room, the designers deployed Flamingo pendants by Antoni Arola over the tables. Their delicate, deconstructed form appears to hover overhead like its namesake bird, lending a tropical look consistent with the rest of the room.

Flamingo’s spherical silhouette mirrors the curve of the tables, defining individual eating areas while bathing them in diffuse gradations of LED-powered light.

Vibia The Edit - A Vibrant Tuscan Restaurant - Palma Flamingo

Positioned nearby are a pair of Palma wall lamps, also designed by Antoni Arola. They feature two glowing semi-circles of blown opal glass joined by an aluminum belt and recall the shape of the earth. Stacked vertically, they stand sentry on opposite walls, casting an ambient wash of light over the space.

Palma fixtures also appear in the bar. Against a backdrop of lush botanical wallpaper, the horizontal hanging lamp draws the eye to the counter clad in aqua-blue, 3-dimensional tile. Inspired by ancient hanging gardens, the pendant accommodates greenery along its axis and enhances the room’s untamed, natural attitude.

Along the wall, two Palma wall lamps fitted with plants bookend the wine shelves and nod to the jungle-green color scheme.

Design Studio: MODO Architettura + Design
Photography: Antonio Hant Corallo