Evolving Tradition: Wireflow Chandelier XL




Evolving Tradition, the leitmotiv of Vibia’s new lighting collections finds its most daring and visually impacting expression in the Wireflow Chandelier, a series of hanging lamps designed by Arik Levy. A modern reinterpretation of the traditional chandelier that redefines minimalism through its reduction of the chandelier to its core elements, made possible by LED technology in order to create a geometric sculpture of light and cables suspended in space.


The Medieval Era marked its beginnings, later the French provided the Chandelier its name. Over the years it continues to be an important element in all our projects, at times we look for genuine antiques with a more marked design character. Nowadays we can enjoy true works of Art, they are like sculptures which day to day assert their presence within our spaces. They are a special touch, they create a wonderful atmosphere.

Diego Rodríguez, interior designer at Concepto DR





Architects and designers are rediscovering the importance of space, the generosity and elegance of tall ceilings and diaphanous interiors, expressed so beautifully in neo-classical buildings which today stand the test of time. These are the perfect receptacles for lighting features like Wireflow, understanding the past is not to imitate it but to evolve into the future, creating 21st Century spaces.


Formerly chandelier lamps were installed almost exclusively in formal dining rooms and palaces. Nowadays they are fitted in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, shops, offices etc. …. we could say everywhere really.

Clara Lleal, architect at CM2 Disseny






The transcendental beauty of the chandelier is no longer the preserve of aristocratic palaces, nowadays our homes and public spaces can also be illuminated with feature fittings that inhabit space, tracing their geometries within those volumes that are the backdrop of our contemporary lives, fittings like the Wireflow Chandelier.