Flamingo XXL: Flying Through Space

Design by Antoni Arola

The ambition behind Flamingo XXL is to make its presence felt in the communal spaces where it’s installed” Antoni Arola

Expansive spaces and tall ceilings are the natural habitat for which Flamingo XXL has been created. A large chandelier style lamp with a contemporary and sculptural feel where the floating circles of light generate a radiance. Elegant and light weight its design allows for the lighting of multiple type ambiences.

Based on a simple white translucent disk Antoni Arola has masterfully modulated light. By deconstructing and pulling apart the source and body of the lamp. The sum of the plates and the variable distances through which they can be separated multiplies the effect. Together with the suspension system via wires, an ethereal and delicate yet rounded illumination is achieved.

The challenge was to project a light over the shades rather than surround the source. The result is an ethereal effect, deconstructed light” explains Antoni Arola



Vibia - Stories - Sobrevolar el espacio - Flamingo XXLWhen installed within a double height space the lamp’s volume brings something additional to that space and thanks to its ethereal character it manages not to dominate.


Flamingo XXL allows for seven different configurations. The various aesthetic solutions are the result of a detailed luminance study that guarantees maximum diffusion and light reflection. Antoni Arola has managed to squeeze the most possible from each hanging lamp, with indirect ambient light qualities and more direct point lighting.

This allows for it to be inserted into diverse situations: over a large meeting room table or the void of a grand staircase. The hanging lamp version is provided with a counter weight, held just a few centimetres above the floor level, replacing the typical floor lamp and lightening it. The ambition to occupy large spaces makes it the perfect lamp for double and triple height spaces, for areas within hotel establishments and even public buildings.


Vibia - Stories - Sobrevolar el espacio - Flamingo XXLIn the voids of stairs Flamingo XXL can be appreciated from different heights.


The first version of Flamingo was recognised with the Wallpaper* Design Award 2017 and the Design Plus Award powered by Light+Building 2016.


We called it Flamingo after the long, delicate and elegant foot of that spectacular bird Antoni Arola


Vibia - Stories - Sobrevolar el espacio - Flamingo XXL


It’s surprising to see the different illuminated disks separated from the light source. That allows for many gradations and effects Antoni Arola