How To: Design A Place To Cool Out

After hours of baking in the hot sun, a cool and comfortable space to unwind is undeniably a must. So how do you create the design equivalent toice cream on a hot day? The resident designers at DKOR Interiors in Miami give us the scoop.


Vibia - Spaces Cool Breezy Spaces - Algorithm

Algorithm hanging lamp by Toan Nguyen


LET IT BREATHE by creating an open floor plan, letting the users and the air flow freely from one space to another.

FOCUS ON COOL ACCENTS, using tones like light gray, cream, or light champagne with touches of soft blues to add pops of color. Don’t forget rugs that have flowy patterns in cool, light tones.

USE FRESH MATERIALS, such as stones and tiles, whileavoiding or using very little of dark or very warm toned woods.

FURNITURE should be light and airy, for example choosing a sofa with legs instead of one going down to the floor.

 ACCESSORIES on the other hand can be textured and chunky. Try it with accent pillows, center pieces or even baskets.

And finally….

BRIGHTEN SPACES with lots of natural indirect sunlight if you can, and a light color palette for the walls, flooring and finishes.  White sheers as drapery help to elongate the windows and act as light diffusers to keep your interiors cool but filled with light.

When it comes to lighting, plan for a variety of light sources. Making sure you have adequate general lighting to avoid any somber spaces in your home and try using translucent materials like glass. The use of sleek pendantlights will stun without weighing downthe space.


Vibia - Spaces Cool Breezy Spaces - Slim

Slim hanging lamp by Jordi Vilardell


Vibia - SpacesCool Breezy Spaces - Flamingo

Photo & Project: Roman Kot

Flamingo hanging lamp by Antoni Arola


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