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Vibia’s Lighting Solutions section aims to educate and inform. An internal help center, this category is full of answers and practical tips on a range of topics, from lighting products and design software to inspired decoration and unique design ideas. It’s The Edit’s go-to project resource for design, personalization, technology, installation and more.

An Array of Applications

Array provides design professionals with the means to instantly enrich a space. Composed of an array of fine threads pulled taut between two aluminium rings, the collection presents a variety of elegant conical and …

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Africa: Purpose portable lighting

As we head back to work after the holidays, it's important to consider good quality lighting. A well-illuminated space with clearly defined areas of activity can enhance productivity and well-being, especially when it comes ...

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Vibia Presents: Iconic Floor Lights

Outstanding performance and pure beauty come together in Vibia’s floor lamps to create unique atmospheres, flawlessly adapting to any lighting needs and spaces. From eye-catching reading lamps to customizable luminaires to accent a ...