Play with… Match

A modernist bespoke pendant, Match is crafted of slender aluminum rods and tipped with LEDs. The fixture, designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, strikes a stunning geometric pose that evokes a sleek spider web suspended from the ceiling.

Match was conceived as entirely customizable to suit any aesthetic and interior, its airy architecture ranging from kinetic chaos to artful elegance. Here, we share a few of the fixture’s endless personalization possibilities.

Vibia - The Edit - Match - Play with…

Hovering above a circular meeting table, concentrated clusters of the lamp create a dramatic lighting effect that doubles as art. Five arrangements of crisscrossing rods hang at varying heights, the longest in the middle to draw the eye to the center of the table. The jagged configuration telegraphs energy and excitement, ideally suited to a space meant for ideas and creativity.

Vibia - The Edit - Match - Play with…

A long rectangular table is illuminated by small groupings of Match, the linear light sticks directed downward like glowing punctuation points. In a stylish flourish, several of the metal rods cut diagonally across the others, a striking counterpoint to the fixture’s vertical orientation. The configuration also subtly joins the individual clusters, as if symbolically making a connection between the people seated in a row.

In a dining area, three pendants are tailored to the tables below them, showing Match’s range in one room. Above the round table, the pendant is positioned at different heights, creating a compelling visual rhythm that evokes the cacophony of conversation. One of the square tables features a simple, ascending form, like wind chimes overhead, while the table in the rear opts for an asymmetrical orientation that adds a whimsical note.