Palma and Match, versatile pendants lights for future office spaces

Classic forms and contemporary design verve breathe life into a contemporary office space in Ottawa Canada. The Palma and Match pendant lights help define spaces that are much more than simply work spaces.

We have never been more aware than today of the need for office space to be much more than simply a place of work. Offices must be inviting, stimulating and comfortable places to spend time. Places where we spark ideas and inspiration off one another.

Lighting is an integral part of this approach at the Kinaxis Head Quarters in Kanata, a suburb of the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

Vibia The Edit - Versatile pendant lights for future office spaces - Match
Vibia The Edit - Versatile pendant lights for future office spaces - Match

Kinaxis specialises in cloud-based supply chain management (CSM) as well as sales and operations planning solutions (S&OP) is a young dynamic company with an office environment to match.

The Canadian architects CSV were tasked with creating a multifunctional working environment where play and work are treated with the same gravitas. Wellness and lighting go hand in hand throughout the interior design. The use of several Vibia lighting models reflects this ‘outside the box’ thinking in the design of these spaces.

The fractal geometry of the office reception is expressed in the wall and ceiling cladding as well as the furniture. The Match pendant lighting system designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal helps define the functional aspects of the space. The reception desk is illuminated and the space is calibrated by the repeated angles of the hanging cable system.

The office canteen is planted with abundant greenery featuring natural materials to help define this separate programme. The Antoni Arola designed Palma pendant light in glass and metal captures the classic and timeless expression of raw light. Forms and materials that remain unchanged no matter how technology advances, just like being with one another and meeting face-to-face over a coffee.

Part of sustainability in offices is trying to encourage people to use the stairs, as part of a physical exercise regime. This staircase becomes an attractive alternative to the lift by hanging the Palma pendant light within the central void. What would normally be a building regulations requirement is now something more, a beautiful space and a great excuse to take the stairs.

Sometimes the layout and expression of interior design projects encourages intimacies and creative thinking. This artistic installation sculpted into a curved corner with an upholstered sofa and a side table provides a more human scale area in the open plan office.

The Match pendant light, in this case the white version, with its tangle of cables and warm light transforms a simple corner into something much more inspirational. A place where new ideas an thinking can come about.

– Architect: CSV Architects

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