North wins #MetropolisLikes award 2019

Vibia’s North Floor Pendant, designed by Arik Levy, is the winner of #MetropolisLikes 2019, the prestigious award assigned by Metropolis Magazine.

Besides the public mention, the organizers will donate to the winners a physical award, which will be, as usual, a unique artisanal creation.

This year’s custom designed piece is supplied by Creative Edge Master Shop, a Fairfield-Iowa based company that fabricates architectural and industrial products, using computer-controlled waterjet technology.


Vibia - Metropolis Likes Winner - North


Among the criteria considered to select the best products of the year, Metropolis identified the artful originality, straightforward functionality, and an honest expression of materials.

The North Floor pendant lamp, an innovative synthesis of a floor and suspension fixture, stands out for its elegant but also dynamic and adaptable design, that makes possible to bring light exactly where it’s needed most.

There are three disconnected pieces that compose the lamp: a triangular aluminum shade containing a LED-powered light source, a slender carbon fiber stem, and a stylish counterweight positioned on the floor that connects to the electrical cable and supports the hanging part.

The North family, which also includes Wall and Hanging collections, is defined by a silhouette that suggests a celestial form floating in space that draw inspiration from the steady glow of the North Star in the night sky.