A cocoon of wellbeing in the Mediterranean

A cocoon of wellbeing in the Mediterranean

A captivating oasis of utmost comfort and tranquility. This is the essence that weaves through every aspect of San Luis, a residential project in southwestern Mallorca by the interior design studio Terraza Balear, together with Euroobjekt and architect Manel Avila from Avila Projects. In the pursuit of crafting soulful spaces, Vibia’s lighting bathes this cocoon with an atmosphere of wellbeing.

Drawing inspiration from the serene Mediterranean architecture, this villa exudes an atmosphere of profound calm and wellbeing. Bathed in a soothing, neutral palette adorned with hints of verdant hues, San Luís effortlessly achieves a timeless elegance by artfully combining diverse materials and finishes.

Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing

A mesmerizing fusion of architectural design and the poetic essence of light, Vibia’s luminaries caress the space with their gentle radiance. In the master bedroom, Mayfair by Diego Fortunato stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence between past and future . Drawing inspiration from the 19th-century library lamps, this table lamp grabs the eye with its sleek silhouette and black matte finishes, casting a warm glow.

Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing - Pin Mayfair
Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing - Mayfair

Designed by creative duo Lievore Altherr, a trio of Tempo pendants equally contributes to this symphony of light. The collection explores the interplay of opacity, translucency, and transparency through a mesmerizing array of bulb shapes, bathing the surrounding space with a soft light and inviting the user to grab light with their hands.

Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing - Tempo
Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing - Tempo

In a second bedroom, the Pin table lamp emerges as an alluring interpretation of ambient and task lighting. Originally conceived by Ichiro Iwasaki to reflect on the “timeless allure of life’s comfort”, the collection combines geometric forms, innovative materiality and a subtle lighting effect evoking the Mediterranean quietness.

Vibia The Edit - A cocoon of wellbeing - Pin Jazz

Another creation by Diego Fortunato for Vibia, Jazz stands as an expression of uniqueness and innovation. Imbued with a blend of high performance and an organically pure silhouette, this table lamp is the perfect companion for a peaceful reading in the evening, gracefully harmonizing with the minimalist décor.

– Architecture and Interior Design:
Terraza Balear
Manel Avila de Avila Projects

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