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Earthy tones, white gloss ceramic tiles, exposed finishes and raw cement define this warm and cozy wine shop in Barcelona’s Sarrià – Sant Gervasi neighborhood. Vinus & Brindis designed by the Cristina Cirera studio is divided into two distinct spaces that are nevertheless connected by a bar counter finished in raw cement that appears to grow out of the cement floor. In the shop the counter forms the cash desk ending in a semicircular shape with storage compartments below.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting to savour wine by

The tasting area is accommodated to the rear area with an open small kitchen where snacks are prepared. Here the sound of uncorking a bottle of wine is an invitation to intimacy and conversation. The lighting is a key element to differentiating these two different programs: shop and wine tasting area.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting to savour wine by
Vibia The Edit - Lighting to savour wine by

While spotlights focused on the wooden display cabinets fulfill their function admirably to the front, the Mayfair pendant creates an atmosphere of affable gastronomic enjoyment at the back. The modern-day classic fitting designed by Diego Fortunato for Vibia throws pools of light over the cement bar counter.

The Led light and green shade provide the ideal contrast to the white ceramic wall tiles that are used here as a board to advertise the wines on offer, written in felt tip pen script between the grid-like dark grouting. High stools at the bar together with low seats along a ledge opposite the bar counter provide additional seating.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting to savour wine by - Mayfair

Just as harvesting the grapes depends on knowledge built up over a lifetime, of the soil, of the climate and of the alchemy that is wine so too is the sculpting of light a specialist skill honed over years of experience. For the Greeks the earth and fire were considered two of the four elements, here they combine in a modern interior that nevertheless feels ancient and timeless.

The designers have understood the essence of how materials and light connect us in social gatherings within an interior that frames magical moments of sensual pleasure.

– Architecture & Interior Design: Cirera Studio
– Photography: Carla Step

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