Maison Lumière, an intimacy oasis in the heart of Barcelona

Maison Lumière, an intimacy oasis in the heart of Barcelona

Subtle, comfortable, and elegant. This is the language that the interior designer Susanna Cots selected for Maison Lumière, a bright penthouse with views of the heart of Barcelona, outstanding for the versatility of its spaces and a relentless pursuit of wellbeing. A balance that the elevated Vibia’s collections accentuate in every single corner of this hotel suite-looking project.

“Visiting this space necessarily implies understanding that there’s been a deep study of the limits between the obvious and the necessary. There is a harmonious flow throughout, where light is sought from every corner in every room”

Susanna Cots, interior designer

Seamlessly integrating into the brand-new interior design, two Duo ceiling lights sit over the dining table to provide a downward, soft direct light. This luminaire by Ramos & Bassols combines an external metal shell in matte lacquered white with an inner oak lining, bringing intimacy indoors and drawing the user’s eye.

Vibia The Edit - Maison Lumière, an intimacy oasis in Barcelona

A design on the edge of geometry and poetry, Duo mirrors the interior design by Susanna Cots for this living space: from the ethereal warmth that oak fills this ceiling lamp with, in sync with some of the surrounding organic-styled furniture and floral decor; to the industrial materiality on the outside, which combines flawlessly with some of the metallic finishes in the transparent glass walls and the refined architectural lines defining the different rooms.

A fascinating game of contrasts between romanticism and spontaneity is also played by Mayfair from the top of the central kitchen island, the natural light of the city panoramic bathing the central cube of this home and intertwining with the smooth shape of the hanging design by Diego Fortunato.

In its graphite version, Mayfair looks beyond the classic 19th-century bouillotte table lamp and evokes its most contemporary self with LED source lighting, innovative dimming control capabilities and highest-level material quality, emanating precise accentuation and offering myriad possibilities to shape the desired mood.

Ramos & BassolsAlpha comes to life in the bedroom. With pure and simple details and a sophisticated touch, this symmetrical wall lamp radiates a 360-degree lighting effect, ideal to create different atmospheres around the bed, and more specifically, around reading, mimicking the user’s moves.

– Interior Designer: Susanna Cots
– Photography: Mauricio Fuertes

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