Wireflow: Statement Lighting to Elevate your Interior

Statement lighting is a form of decorative lighting used to generate a sense of drama or intrigue within a space. It can come in many different shapes and sizes, but is often used as a focal point above a dining table, hallway or foyer, playing a key role in creating a specific mood or atmosphere. Much like statement jewellery, statement fixtures don’t have to be overbearing or exaggerated to make their presence known. Rather, their overarching role is to amplify the existing qualities of a space.

Designed by Arik Levy, the Wireflow collection makes a striking statement. Characterised by contrasts and consisting of four unique iterations, it is at once dramatic yet delicate, traditional yet futuristic, spectacular yet unpretentious, maintaining an inherent sense of minimalism and technical rigour, while presenting light as a sculptural work of art. Crafted of fine black electrical cables, sleek metal rods and finished with LED light terminals, each adaptation is sure to attract attention.

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The 3D rendition traces three-dimensional geometries of steel and aluminium, which, despite their large scale, lend a sense of weightlessness and transparency to the overall impression.

Characterised by its graphic style and simplicity of form, it is the volumetric nature of the octagonal, square and hexagonal structures that guarantee to captivate any onlooker.

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The Wireflow Chandelier is a contemporary reimagining of the traditional light fixture. Its ultramodern silhouette provides an unexpected contrast against a classic interior, while its graceful lines echo with a sense of timeless elegance.

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Vibia The Edit - Iconic Chandeliers - Wireflow Chandelier

Whether you seek a low, moody glow or to invigorate a stark space with its exquisite radiance, a Wireflow Chandelier is guaranteed to spark plenty of conversation.

Wireflow Lineal’s ultra-minimalist design is balanced by a distinctive, precipitous presence that adds an intriguing accent to any room. Ideal for illuminating large spaces with high ceilings, such as hotel reception areas, retail sales points and refreshment bars, its lean profile traces a delicate, yet formal silhouette into an open space with meticulous precision.

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Vibia The Edit - Visual Hierarchies Plusminus

Free-Form is perhaps Wireflow’s most dynamic iteration, allowing designers to create daring visual effects by playing with space and depth.

Distinguished by its compositional plasticity, Free-Form converts flat planes into three dimensional murals, its cables drawn out from a central piece like the legs of a spider or conveyed into alluring patterns and lines across a wall or ceiling.

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Designed to offer both accent and diffuse lighting effects, each LED provides pinpoint illumination while the whole radiates with a crown of light overhead.