Instantánea: Celebrating the Beauty of Everyday Life

Curated by Vibia in collaboration with Note Design Studio, “Instantánea” explores the interplay of light and life. Held from June 12-14 during Denmark’s annual design festival 3daysofdesign, the exhibition invited visitors to pause and appreciate the beauty of the everyday, using light as a tool to influence perception and emotion, transforming fleeting moments into meaningful and enduring experiences.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Designed to resemble a minimalist residential interior, the Vibia collection was carefully curated to illuminate various domestic scenarios distilled into pure, abstract forms. Colour can instantly set a mood, convey a feeling or generate a sense of wellbeing. Highlighting the simplicity and elegance of the Vibia product, each space was distinguished by a single hue from Vibia’s Chromatica palette.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea


Dominated by a modest and sober green, the living room incorporates minimal physical elements while spotlighting an extensive array of Vibia products. The scene is set in crisp daylight, full of freshness and life, yet it has a calm sense of poetry to it. As a living room space, visitors feel relaxed, comfortable, and at the same time energised by a vibrant, bright-white light.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea
Vibia The Edit - Life in Colour: Highlights from Copenhagen’s 3DaysofDesign

Designed by Diez Office, a relaxed Plusminus belt drapes informally over a bench, emitting a soft, uniform glow from two compact spherical diffusers connected at separate points. A second Plusminus system is characterised by repetitive vertical strokes, punctuated by horizontal linear diffusers positioned at different angles. The result is a lattice of green lines and linear light, projecting from various levels into the space.

Three North pendants, designed by Arik Levy, introduce a traditional silhouette to the lounge area. Their conical shades are suspended from slim carbon fibre rods, providing a comfortable, uniform downlight.

A pair of Slim pendants demand a more contemporary dialogue, their refined and slender silhouettes suspended at irregular heights to project accented pinpoints of light from above.

Further enhancing the dynamism of the space, a set of Cosmos luminaires by Lievore, Altherr, Molina create the illusion of spheres that appear to be floating in the air. Presented in matte green, they integrate with the surrounding elements while pulsating with an alluring glow.

Two Musa table lamps by Note Design Studio sit quietly in the centre of the space. Drawing the eye downwards, their natural curves and pure, cable free silhouettes lend a calming aesthetic.

Further sculpting the space, a pair of Plusminus semispheres projects light upwards from floor level, creating a secondary visual layer. Meanwhile an Offset floor lamp, designed by Xuclà, combines its industrial silhouette with advanced colour regulation, washing the side wall with warm white light and permeating the lounge with a restorative freshness.


Moving into the refreshment area, guests are greeted by the simple calm of a warm beige. The bar is small and acts as a focus point in the room. It is lively, alert, and social, illuminated by a warm and sunny glow with unexpected little movements in the light keeping the visitor attracted.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Two Circus pendant track systems by Antoni Arola delineate the space while providing a harmony of lighting effects. Developed both vertically and horizontally, they combine spots, reflective discs and a range of diffusers to create a perfect synthesis of atmospheres.

Two reflector discs set at an angle reflect diffuse light from a pair of spots. Glowing like ethereal planets, their circular forms cast elongated shadows against the ceiling behind.

A conical diffuser projects a comfortable, functional light towards the bar, while various spots illuminate the space overhead. The pendants pass seamlessly through the conductive bar, lending a unique aesthetic purity to the design.

The Circus system incorporates a range of independent elements that can be surface mounted to the ceiling. For Instantanea a ceiling spot projects an accent light against the left-hand facade, further sculpting the general atmosphere of the space.

Adding a contemporary dimension to the right-hand facade, another Offset floor lamp projects a wash of warm, ambient yellow-orange light, which softens its graphic silhouette.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

A Pin table lamp lends the bar a touch of personality. A timeless proposal from Ichiro Iwasaki, Pin is both classic and contemporary, characterised by an elegant stem and playful, adjustable head.


Upon entering the bedroom, visitors are struck by a rich Terra Red hue, enhanced by the lighting effects of a range of subtle yet high impact collections. Calm and serene, the light is low and glows softly from floor level. The atmosphere has a magical warmth to it, enveloping guests in soft, shimmering luminescence.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Presented as a single, majestic volume, Array, by Umut Yamac, dominates the space above the bed. Combining soft downlighting with a shimmering upwards glow, a gradient of light interacts with the tone and texture of the threads, which thrum with kinetic energy.

A grouping of individual pendants adorns the right of the bedside. Halo Jewel presents light as a precious element, seemingly suspended in open space. Finished in black, its fine steel structure supports a vertical linear diffuser, from which ambient light seeps out in all directions.

A small North pendant featuring a traditional conical shade hangs from a second slender cable, the diffuser casting a focused pool of downward light with an open line that’s subtle yet striking.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea
Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Skan introduces a horizontal plane. Sleek and unadorned, it combines lean lines with soothing purity of form, its LED-powered diffuser casting a broad, bright light to match its quiet elegance.

Adorning the bedside table, a pair of Plusminus table lamps lend a playful tone. Visually connected by their signature dome-shaped shades, the semisphere cups the light from below, while the spot directs light from an adjustable head that sits on top of a solid cylindrical base.

To the side, Offset once again washes a forgotten wall with light. Adding a secondary focal point, it creates balance by drawing the eye away from the central features of the bedroom.

A Flat floor lamp from Ichiro Iwasaki illuminates the other side of the bed. Here in its most minimalist expression, a compact disc diffuser sits atop a slender stem, creating a pool of diffuse illumination with an enveloping glow.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Dama adds a touch of nostalgia. A homage to the classic paper lampshade, designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba capture an extreme lightness that’s as much visual as it is physical, expressing intimacy through fragility.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

Another lamp with a distinctive personality, Africa by Francisco Gomez Paz provides focused illumination while doubling up as a strikingly sculptural feature.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea


The dining area makes a statement with an enchanting blue. There is a deeply mystical mood to this setting, the space occupied by a simple table and arrangement of chairs. The light is calm and muted, removing all distractions. A serene glow focuses on the table, letting the food and company be the focal point.

Vibia The Edit - Life in Colour: Highlights from Copenhagen’s 3DaysofDesign

Designed by Diez Office, Plusminus and Plusminus Solo introduce a set of versatile semi-spherical luminaires that adapt to the surrounding space by means of the collection’s signature conductive belt. Combining accent spotlights with directed flat diffusers, Plusminus provides comfortable general lighting as well as more pointed illumination.

One system unites two semispheres connected by a relaxed arc, while three Solo iterations combine to form an intriguingly linear composition on the vertical plane. Accentuating the horizontal axis, three individual Plusminus units bathe the space with refreshing linear light at irregular heights.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea
Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

A single Skan from Lievore, Altherr and Molina saturates the space on one side of the table with a bright and inviting downight, its broad diffuser creating a subtle differentiation between light and shadow. In response, four solitary Circus spheres punctuate the space at different heights with a diffusion of soft illumination.

Various additional fixtures make use of a centrally positioned Bind Track system. The conductive bar represents the central element from which accent spots, downlights and a pair of Slim pendants are fixed for a variety of lighting effects.

Independent ceiling spots and downlights revitalise an intimate corner, demonstrating Bind’s capacity for directing the gaze and encouraging a smooth transition between scenes.

Two Flat table lamps occupy the centre of the table, beckoning guests to gather around with their all-encompassing glow, while another Offset warms a back wall with a sociable white light.

Vibia The Edit - Light and life: Instantánea

– Photography: Erik Lefvander

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